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All Hazards Waste Management Planning (WMP) Tool

Welcome to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) All Hazards Waste Management Plan (WMP) Interactive Tool! EPA recommends that communities have a WMP that addresses the management of waste generated by all hazards, particularly from homeland security incidents ranging from natural disasters and animal disease outbreaks to chemical spills and nuclear incidents to terrorist attacks involving conventional, chemical, radiological, or biological agents.

This tool is intended to assist emergency managers and planners in the public and private sectors in creating or updating a comprehensive plan for managing waste generated from manmade and natural disasters. The tool walks the user through the process of developing and implementing a plan. The tool also contains many resources that can be used as aids to various aspects of the planning process.

The WMP tool is optimized for the Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari browsers and may not operate as expected with Internet Explorer.

Why is it important to develop a pre-incident WMP?

Video coming soon with more information
about the importance of pre-planning.

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